Cancer Screening Services

Providing easily accessible and affordable cancer screening services was the dream of Carrie Nelson Black in 1921. Today the Columbus Cancer Clinic keeps that dream alive.

Regardless of a person’s ability to pay, the Clinic offers cancer screening examinations, mammograms and tests at various locations throughout the community. Both day and evening appointments are available.

Cancer Screening Examinations:

The Clinic’s cancer screening process provides education about cancer as well as a head-to-toe physical examination by a certified nurse practitioner. An important objective during this examination is to educate the client about cancer, how to detect it, and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will reduce the risks of developing cancer. Each client completes a risk assessment form that allows the nurse practitioner to determine if any cancer predispositions exist. Instructive videos are used to provide additional information on common cancers and how to perform breast and testicular self-examinations.

At the time of the physical examination, women receive a pelvic exam that includes a Pap test when indicated and men are examined for prostate and testicular cancer. Those clients who want additional cancer screening may have a PSA blood test, which tests for prostate cancer or a CA-125 test, which tests for ovarian cancer. Hemoccult test kits for colorectal cancer can be obtained from the Clinic as well.

If a client’s tests indicate that follow-up is necessary, he or she is referred to an appropriate physician. Everyone benefits when cancer is detected early since the chances of recovery are the greatest.

Mammography Services:

The Columbus Cancer Clinic utilizes the Sophie Classic Mobile Mammography unit by PlanMed. Sophie is the latest in imaging technology for stationary and mobile mammography systems. The unit provides optimal patient comfort during the mammography exam and displays the best image quality currently available. This new mobile unit was made possible by grants from the Columbus Foundation, the Columbus Medical Association Foundation and the Komen Columbus Race for the Cure.

The Clinic offers low-cost mammograms at 30 different locations in the Columbus area, with both day and evening appointments available. The unit can be taken into wheelchair accessible buildings such as churches, recreation centers, assisted living facilities and the workplace. Therefore, if you have a group that cannot come to the Clinic, we can come to you!

It is important and recommended by the American Cancer Society that women ages 40 and above receive annual mammograms. The Clinic can bill Medicare and other private insurers and we have a sliding fee scale. But regardless of a client’s ability to pay, no one is turned away.

The Clinic also participates in the American Cancer Society’s BEST (Breast Education, Screening and Treatment) program and the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program of the Columbus Health Department. These programs offer free mammograms and follow-up care to women with limited or no insurance.

If you would like to schedule a mammogram, please contact us at 614-263-5006.

Hemoccult Tests:

The Columbus Cancer Clinic offers a simple mail-in test for hidden blood in the stool, a sign of possible colon cancer. Anyone who wants to have this test can send $1 for each test requested to: Columbus Cancer Clinic, 65 Ceramic Drive, Columbus OH 43214-3063. Include your name and a complete mailing address. The test kit and instructions will be mailed to you. After obtaining the sample, mail it back to the Clinic in the envelope provided. You will receive written test results. If the test is positive, a Clinic staff member will contact you to assist you with a referral for follow-up examination.