The Columbus Cancer Clinic provides helping hands to the community, assisting those affected by cancer and those wishing to be screened. It is a non-profit United Way agency that has served the greater Columbus area since 1921. The Clinic educates the public about cancer prevention and the benefits of early detection; offers affordable, accessable screening examinations, mammograms and tests; and provides home care support services. All clients can receive needed services, regardless of ability to pay.

As of May 1, 2005, the Columbus Cancer Clinic is provided by LifeCare Alliance, a local United Way agency founded in 1898 by the Columbus Cancer Clinic’s founder, Carrie Nelson Black. The name will continue to be Columbus Cancer Clinic and no program or staff changes are planned. The Clinic will continue to operate from its Clintonville location at 65 Ceramic Drive. For more information about LifeCare Alliance, visit www.lifecarealliance.org.

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“Working Together To Save Women’s Lives” (Word doc)

Employee Health Program (PDF)

Volunteer Application (PDF)

YPG Application (PDF)


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